The Family of Jacob: Birth of the ‘We’

The family of Jacob was torn apart by enmity and scattered across the world. Joseph the dreamer was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery in Egypt. The exhibition tells of the remarkable way in which unity was restored.  The purpose of this exhibition is to discover the paths that the members of this family followed in order to live together as a ‘we’. They learnt to accept the situations that they encountered as gifts from the hand of another. In recognising the great value of each person, they found the means to trust and to act for each other’s good. 

Does this story have any relevance to our lives today? We seek our fulfillments primarily as individuals, in the pursuit of whatever we personally find to be authentic and through the exercise of a detached instrumental reason. But are we satisfied with the resulting conflict and disunity in our families and communities, with an absence of the ‘we’?